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Can we wear arm floaties at the waterpark or pool?

Only US Coast Guard approved lifevests are allowed in the water. Sailfish Splash Waterpark offers US Coast Guard approved lifevests for use at no charge.

Are all of the lifeguards certified?

Yes, all of the waterpark lifeguards are certified through the Jeff Ellis and Associates Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program. This certification includes Lifeguarding, First aid, Oxygen administration and AED.

Where is the first aid station located?

The first aid station is located in the office closest to the two waterslides.

Is the waterpark equipped with a lightning detector?

Sailfish Splash Waterpark is equipped with the Thorguard Lightning Prediction system, which will activate an airhorn warning guests of the potential for lightning. When the airhorn sounds, all patrons must leave the water park. Guests are not permitted to stay under bleachers or shade structures. Guests are advised to seek safe shelter in their vehicles.

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